And then…Spring

And finally I awoke this morning to the glories of Spring:

The sun broke over the East Side of New York, and bathed my Upper West Side 35th floor New York residence with a golden glaze.  An hour-long exercise walk in Central Park after morning coffee, found me in the company of many other New Yorkers…some walking, some running, some jogging, while others strolled with their dogs.  A rite of passage in the form of Little League baseball teams take over certain sections of the Park.  I note that some baseball mitts were actually bigger than the boys who donned them–don’t worry, they will grow into them!  I pass the same iconic tree that is still barren of leaves, but so glorious when eventually filled out.

I missed the company of my wife, worried about the well-being of my father (although I had just spoken to him), and thought fondly of my mother who has been working so very hard to see to my father’s transition home after his terrible accident in this city almost 4 months ago.  I then went to rehearsal at the Metropolitan Opera, chatted with our Director about an upcoming project that we will do together, headed home when the artistic team was finished with me, and made a healthy lunch.  After several iterations of FaceTime with my wife,  I sit in the sun on this wonderful balcony that overlooks the entirety of New York as the city hums below.  I pen a short note of condolence to my brother’s companion who just lost her mother, and I listen to the Metropolitan Opera radio broadcast as I write this entry.  So much to worry about, so much to think about, so much music to prepare, so much skyline to try to take in.

Somehow today it doesn’t really matter, because Spring has finally arrived to New York City; and the troubles of the world somehow seem manageable…at least for today.

Thank God for Spring; for what would Summer, Fall, and Winter do without it!!


April 11, 2015