On the Town Articles

The San Francisco Treat

June 28, 2018 San Francisco was officially incorporated in 1850, well after it’s founding by Spanish colonists in 1776, and only shortly after the population explosion that erupted at the time of the Gold Rush in 1848. While becoming a city-county a few years thereafter in 1856, those “Miners, 49’rs”…

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Up In the Air

February 1, 2017 For my colleagues who travel a great deal for a living, and for the many young hopefuls who desire an international career in the arts; this post is worth scanning: 2017 surely started off with a bang with the continuation of a multi-year performance/recording project with the…

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And then…Spring

And finally I awoke this morning to the glories of Spring: The sun broke over the East Side of New York, and bathed my Upper West Side 35th floor New York residence with a golden glaze.  An hour-long exercise walk in Central Park after morning coffee, found me in the…

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Build It, and They Will Sing!

July 26, 2014 As I sit in Denver International Airport awaiting my flight to Tokyo and my next work assignment; I am reflecting upon the past four weeks of intense work at Land of Enchantment Opera Institute (LOEOI). There are more summer vocal study programs out there than you can…

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