It can be difficult for a veteran performer to write something that touts their work-ethic, or their performance attributes specifically, but after 40 consecutive years at the highest levels of the industry, I now feel that I have the right to a few of my own conclusions:

The operatic roles represented on the new in photos, audio/video, and personal recollections in my dozens of blog postings, merely scratch the surface over decades of dedication to the craft.

My years in musical theater and nightclub entertaining have now been eclipsed almost completely by a never-ending desire to meet new challenges. I found those challenges in the classical vocal arts and on the operatic and symphonic stages of the world.

There isn’t a single role—large or small—that is not met with the same enthusiasm as my love of the art form. Whether the performance venue is the Metropolitan Opera in New York, the great opera houses of Paris and Chicago, a symphonic stage in Hong Kong, a concert hall in Vienna, or other various performance spaces across North America, one can be certain that I consider all of my opportunities a privilege.

I have delighted in establishing a signature role in ‘Mime’ from Richard Wagner’s most celebrated and defining work: The Ring of the Nibelungen (Der Ring des Nibelungen). Many aspects of the new revolve around my expertise of this role in particular. This is for good reason…

Never have I been as fulfilled to put so many of my God-given gifts to work, than each time I present this most favorite of roles from the operas Das Rheingold, and particularly Siegfried. Here’s to more performances of this, and EVERY, role…and even those yet to be discovered…as I move decidedly into the next decade of my life’s desire.

Please enjoy!

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