No good deed…..

With the ‘sting’ of the recent home invasion still smarting and annoying me, one has to believe that at one point things will balance themselves out with the universe….right??  Wrong!!!  Please read the text of an email I sent to the head of the housing department here at the Santa Fe Opera (on an unrelated issue) for an unbelievable story that happened just hours before the time of this entry:

That’s nothing Jeanne, and perhaps you are right about just getting a drink…but get this:  Robin and I found a wallet today in the parking lot of Whole Foods; it was chock full of credentials, credit cards, social security card, drivers license, etc, etc, etc….the whole ball of wax.  Knowing what it is like to have been stripped of these things through theft, we thought it would be a good balance of ‘universal karma’ to track down this person and get this ever important article into their hands.

Well we found her, via telephone, and informed her of the wallet she wasn’t even aware that she had lost…she immediately said she couldn’t give us a reward, and we said we didn’t want one; but rather, wanted to just do a good deed because of the misfortune we recently suffered ourselves.  We even drove to her home to give it to her as she did not have transportation to get to us!

She took the wallet quick enough…with hardly a word of thanks to either of us!  And by the way, the woman who couldn’t give us a reward (and we really DID NOT want one) had just deposited $10,000 into Wells Fargo bank!!!  We saw the receipt when we were looking for a telephone number where we could reach her.  Go figure.  I guess the saying “No good deed goes unpunished” is not too far from being true.

What a real, real set of disappointments this summer when it comes to expecting just simple human decency.  But to be fair; others, such as yourself, and Tom’s neighbors HAVE been wonderful.  Incidently, I took Richard and Judith to dinner last week to thank them for their support the day of the theft….