Welcome to the NEW David Cangelosi.com!!!!

After numerous requests, and after 10 years of the same boring ol’ website; it was time for the technically reserved David Cangelosi to get into the 21st century.  I have to admit that the time had most definitely come!!  So after meeting with my point person at Sanctuary Media Group for several hours–face to face, no less–, and after several phone calls from wherever I was in the world, as well as the countless number of emails exchanged, we developed the site that I hope you will now enjoy for well into the future.

It was no small feat to compile the audio/video clips, photos, reviews, interviews, etc. which make up much of the site’s content.  From my Opera News layout, to the oldest hometown news article (which I think I have finally deleted), to the literally hundreds and hundreds of photos, photo discs, and digital electronic photos that I have collected (and thrown in some box) over the years, had at times tested my patience and made me wish I had never started the project.  Now that the new David Cangelosi.com is “live”, I am determined to keep the site up-to-date, and hopefully, interesting to everyone.  I encourage all visitors to leave comments (good or bad) as I always enjoy hearing from friends and fans.

My thanks to Chris Auman, President of Sanctuary Media Group, for putting up with a techo-idiot like myself.  He has, however, empowered me with many tools that will now help me to keep my site current.  My dislike for “most things technical” was one of the reasons my old site had gotten so…well….OLD!!!  Mr. Auman, however, deserves much of the credit for the site’s contemporary and user friendly design.  He is as much an artist as anyone I have come across over the years.

So with all that being said (or written), I now invite you to enjoy the many wonderful audio/video clips, photo galleries with fully labeled production shots, blog posts with honest opinion and insider information from ‘yours truly’; interviews, scheduling page, reviews, and more.  Please post comments, and feel free to contact me at any time.  I will always try my best to get back to you!

Welcome to the NEW David Cangelosi.com!!!!  Enjoy!!!!