Why the Lyric Opera of Chicago??

As I sit today (Saturday October 15) and listen to the 32nd annual Operathon on 98.7 WFMT here in Chicago (in between studying my Russian for our upcoming production of Boris Godunov), I am compelled to outline in writing something that I articulated earlier today in my “on-air” appearance.

Why donate to the Lyric Opera of Chicago??  The answer it pretty simple, but it goes far beyond the operatic art-form:

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra, The Lincoln Park Zoo, The Newberry Library, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry, as well as other such organizations in the greater Chicago area are–by definition–cultural INSTITUTIONS in this great city.  Therefore, by this designation alone, they have “withstood the test of time”.  This is an important distinction to consider when deciding where to invest your extra dollars for the purposes of cultural development and expansion.  With the current economic metric in place, it is important to know that your hard earned (disposable) income is helping to underwrite an organization that will be at your disposal to enjoy today, next week, next year, or a decade from now.

My experience has been that the Lyric Opera of Chicago is disciplined both fiscally, and artistically.  It regularly gives back to the community, and helps make Chicago one of the great cities of the world.  While all the other aforementioned organizations deserve your attention–as they will no doubt vie for your dollars–; today is Lyric Opera of Chicago’s day in the bright, autumnal, fund-raising sun.  I hope you will consider it worthy of your support…