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…or just a fluke???

On Facebook and Twitter this morning, I posted that second performances are akin to "Low Sunday" in the Catholic Church. That is to say, a letdown compared to all the festivities and poignant lead up to Easter Sunday; or in a way the opening of a new opera production.…

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Cangelosi is ahead of the curve!!!

Before having dinner with a friend last night (August 22, 2012), he handed me a copy of the August issue of Opera News. While he knows that I am not a voracious reader of most industry publications, he said "A lot of your friends are in this issue; just glance…

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There ARE no recipes!!!!

When I have friends over for a meal, and the dinner plates are readied for consumption, I am often the recipient of looks of disbelief from my guests.  "This looks amazing", "My god David, this looks delicious", "Oh my god, I can't wait to start eating"...these are just of few…

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And then there were 5…(generations)

The passage of time is so sneaky, we hardly note the 'tick-tick-tock' of life's clock.  Then one day we awake and realize that we have grown old(er) {see: Old in San Diego, from the August 2011 blog archive}.  Sometimes it is sad, as when we realized that our childhoods were…

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A Steady Diet of Bach (A Dallas Symphony Orchestra/St. Matthew Passion experience: March 29, 2012)

As an undergraduate music student at Baldwin-Wallace College (now Baldwin-Wallace University) in Northeast Ohio, we were force-fed an unrelenting amount of music by, arguably, the greatest composer to have ever lived, Johann Sebastian Bach (just don’t tell Mozart or Beethoven…and for goodness’ sake, don’t breathe a word to Wagner!).  The…

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