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The San Francisco Treat

June 28, 2018 San Francisco was officially incorporated in 1850, well after it’s founding by Spanish colonists in 1776, and only shortly after the population explosion that erupted at the time of the Gold Rush in 1848. While becoming a city-county a few years thereafter in 1856, those “Miners, 49’rs”…

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"The Cunning Little Opener"

September 26, 2017 As reported in by Mike Telin: The Cleveland Orchestra begins its landmark 100th season this week with a revival of Yuval Sharon’s critically acclaimed, made-for-Cleveland production of Leoš Janáček’s opera The Cunning Little Vixen. Franz Welser-Möst leads the Orchestra and a cast that will include Martina…

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Let Us Return To…

"Common Sense", "Civil Discourse", "Intelligent Conversation", "Patience", "Gentle Demeanor", "Truth", "Love" and "Dignity".  The highest form of "Wisdom" is "Kindness", and the greatest positive energy signature is "Gratitude". Do allow yourself to be "Kind", and do let us be "Grateful". August 16, 2017 djc  

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Tonya Rising

April 18, 2017 On Christmas Day in 1959, a Twilight Zone episode entitled “What You Need” appeared for the very first time on television. The episode focused upon a kind, but mysterious, elder gentleman who peddled odd items from his suitcase in traveling salesman fashion in an unnamed large city. …

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