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My First Dollar

Winters in the snow belt of Cleveland, Ohio were brutally cold in the 1970’s.  They were endless, withering, and dumped several feet of snow on the ground due to the dreaded “lake-effect” conditions that haunted cities and towns that were perched along the wide, open swath of Lake Erie. At…

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…or just a fluke???

On Facebook and Twitter this morning, I posted that second performances are akin to "Low Sunday" in the Catholic Church. That is to say, a letdown compared to all the festivities and poignant lead up to Easter Sunday; or in a way the opening of a new opera production.…

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Cangelosi is ahead of the curve!!!

Before having dinner with a friend last night (August 22, 2012), he handed me a copy of the August issue of Opera News. While he knows that I am not a voracious reader of most industry publications, he said "A lot of your friends are in this issue; just glance…

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There ARE no recipes!!!!

When I have friends over for a meal, and the dinner plates are readied for consumption, I am often the recipient of looks of disbelief from my guests.  "This looks amazing", "My god David, this looks delicious", "Oh my god, I can't wait to start eating"...these are just of few…

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And then there were 5…(generations)

The passage of time is so sneaky, we hardly note the 'tick-tick-tock' of life's clock.  Then one day we awake and realize that we have grown old(er) {see: Old in San Diego, from the August 2011 blog archive}.  Sometimes it is sad, as when we realized that our childhoods were…

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A Steady Diet of Bach (A Dallas Symphony Orchestra/St. Matthew Passion experience: March 29, 2012)

As an undergraduate music student at Baldwin-Wallace College (now Baldwin-Wallace University) in Northeast Ohio, we were force-fed an unrelenting amount of music by, arguably, the greatest composer to have ever lived, Johann Sebastian Bach (just don’t tell Mozart or Beethoven…and for goodness’ sake, don’t breathe a word to Wagner!).  The…

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